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Better Than Just Surviving the Holidays

Date: December 30, 2013 | Time: 12:53pm

If you've been successful at navigating the holiday season, you've keep your stress to a bare minimum, maintained at least a shred of a fitness regime and have dodged most, if not all, potential food comas.

Not so much, you say? Relax, and try these tips to make it healthfully and happily through the holidays and into 2014.

Choose Quality Food over Quantity.

Call it what you will. "Slow Food", "Mom's Cooking", or "Eating Clean". Real food is where it's at. This means choosing food items that have been minimally processed and preferably locally grown*. Skip the commercial baked goods, drive through party platters and frozen pizzas. If it has ingredients on the label that you can't pronounce, do your host a favor and don't bring it. And as for leftovers, steer clear of foods that are considered "edible" for more than a week after opening. If this seems too limiting consider this- in exchange for the preservatives, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, you'll get delicious (non-artificial) flavors, energy boosting nutrients and a healthier planet to boot. Sounds like a gift that keeps giving.

(*Make sure to check out OC's local produce from Tannaka Farms)

Be present- with yourself, your loved ones, your goals, and your food choices.

This means it's ok to Dig in. Or to Enjoy. And maybe even Imbibe. But studies show that doing so mindfully* not only improves your health, but bolsters enjoyment of this life experience we call the holidays. Ever get so wrapped up in the hoopla you missed the bigger picture? If so, the next time you are standing in the checkout line, check in. Notice and remember that this is a time of appreciating, giving, and cherishing. Except for the dreaded fruitcake, nothing lasts forever (including time spent with loved ones) and more is not better (even when it comes to your favorite foods). Consider being a connoisseur of life instead, and you might find this time of year can actually be one to look forward to.

(*For more info on "Mindfullness", check out "Fully Present. The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness" By UCLA's Susan Smalley, PhD and Diana Winston)

Sweat the big stuff. And the little stuff too.

Too busy to for fitness? Rethink your activity as a self-indulgent benefit, not a chore. I like to call it 'me time'. Exercise boosts endorphins and your metabolism, thereby lowering holiday stress but to get this benefit you have to get a little sweaty and put in some effort. This means that walking the mall briskly is helpful but the real benefit comes from exerting more than what daily life provides, unless of course you peruse the shops ninja-style. So try walking the dog or with the kids in a hilly neighborhood for at least a half hour. Swing by for a yoga or Pilates class*. Grab a set of resistance bands and strengthen your upper body while watching "Games of Thrones". As for me, I am no stranger to gift-giving anxiety and have a history of losing sleep over finding the perfectly hilarious white elephant gift for our office party. But thankfully, I've learned that maintaining my fitness routine allows me to gain perspective and clarity (not to mention my sense of humor in such festive times). Post workout, what I'm left with is a little (or a lot) of sweat, an awesome feeling of self-satisfaction, and some pretty cool gift ideas for those teenagers that hopefully, will continue to think I'm the best Aunt ever.

(*New classes forming here at Ideal Health and Wellness..stay tuned for details)

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

The "opportunity" in this case refers to treats and temptations (especially the ones that are easily assessable, but not really your favorites) and being "prepared" means just that- preparing healthy meals and snacks in advance to stash in the car, your lunch bag, or to bring to the family get-together. Hunger can be a powerful enemy so noshing on nutrient-rich snacks throughout the day will serve as a suit of armor against making unhealthful choices and sabotaging your goals. Whether you have allergies (like wheat* or dairy) or are simply a preferential eater, this strategy ensures that you will eat delicious and healthy foods by choice, not just what is available. And the reference to "luck"? Feeling great before and into the New Year. Little black dress anyone?

(*For some great tips and recipes for the wheat adverse, check out from

Healthfully yours,


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Tis the season... To get sick?

Date: December 30, 2013 | Time: 12:29pm

healthy-eating-for-children3 Ways to Stay HEALTHY this Holiday Season.

Is it the colder weather that tags along with the holiday season that causes common colds or the Flu? I don't think so. Cold weather doesn't determine the stamina of your immune system- your health behaviors do. Follow these easy tips to AVOID participating in cold and Flu season- and together let squash the cold weather myth.

exercise-heart1) This time of year can be the busiest. We hope and pray for more hours to get everything done but between kid's plays and grown-up parties, shopping, decorating, and entertaining, there's just not enough time. First thing to fall off our "to-do" list? Exercise. Saying we can put this off until the first of the year is just inviting your immune system to weaken and thus be more susceptible to getting sick. So continue exercising!

2) Ohh those holiday parties! Yes, I'll say it- I love it all. But with the season's availability of alcoholic beverages and delicious but rich, not-so-good-for-you food, we end up consuming too many calories. These poor food choices lead to a decrease in immune function leaving you vulnerable to sickness. Now I am the first to say that planning a cheat day is a good strategy, but don't use the season as an excuse for a cheat month (or more!). Look for our next post from Tara for healthy holiday meals that are delicious and will keep your immune system stellar.

3) With the craziness of the season, can you guess who gets the shortest end of the cinnamon stick? That's right- Ourselves. Chronic stress levels have been shown to be Scrooge-like to an immune system. Enjoy the season by keeping in mind the true spirit of the holidays- to embrace family and loved ones and be grateful for all that life has provided. To keep stress levels in check, schedule your massage, join one of our Tai Chi classes, let Tara our Dietitian guide you to eat right and talk to Calvin, one of our fantastic trainers, to get your sweat on. And don't forget to continue your chiropractic maintenance treatments as well- this is no time to back off prevention!

Follow these simple tips and avoid falling victim to cold and FLU season. If you have any questions or are looking for the perfect gift-certificate to help others regain their health, our team of professionals are eager to help.

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A New You- or just a Better You

Date: December 9, 2013 | Time: 5:05pm

Do you need a "New" you or a just a "Better" version of you? Nobody wants to be unhealthy, sick or destined for disabilities but with life's routines and reliance on convenience its easy to fall into pitfalls of un-health. But being a "Better" You (and therefore a healthier you) is easier than you think. Here are some tips to get you going.

#1 Start Right Now. This means don't wait until January to get up and do a new exercise you have never done before, try a new healthy meal that you have been meaning to, or see your doctor for your yearly checkup. There will always be reasons to procrastinate but none of them are beneficial to your health.

#2 Set Up Realistic Goals. Losing 50 pounds by Christmas or hoping to run a marathon in 6 months if you are new to fitness is bound to disappoint. But if holding your grandchildren without low back pain, or enjoying walks around the block without fatigue sounds more your speed, start with that. You'll feel great and likely be able to do more than you imagined.

#3 Put Together a Game Plan...with an emphasis on the word PLAN. When it comes to eating right, my wife and I take a good chunk of our Sundays to PLAN for the week. We strategize weekday breakfasts, snacks throughout the week and end with Saturday night dinner. We even schedule in "cheat days" (since who doesn't need those?). We then have a family outing to our local Sprouts and Costco and come home to prep which includes cutting, washing, and bagging our veggies- together.

Now you are probably saying to yourself "I don't have time to do all that!" but you do..and should. If you are eating meals all week, you are likely preparing each night or in a rush, opting for drive-through. Pre-planning, purchasing and prepping once on a Sunday, actually SAVES time (and money!). But the truth of it is that it takes will power, commitment, and a desire to prioritize you and your family's health. I know about busy. Like you, my wife and I work full time, have kids (3 of them are under 5) and my wife is completing her Masters. Finding the time for our family's health is important to us. Sure convenient "snacks" like chips are easy but we wanted our expose our kids to beautifully colored fruit to encourage better choices. Mom and Dads are the homes trend setters. What can you do/change to set a healthy example for your loved ones?

Want to hear more tips on becoming a "better" you? Our health care team will motivate and help you on your journey to wellness. Call or email us at 714-832-2273.

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It's All About the Inches

Date: January 25, 2013 | Time: 4:45pm

Here is a short quiz from Ideal Spine and Rehab.

Take the quiz, I will provide the answers next week.

The person with the most correct answers will win a Free Week of Medical Weight Loss Supplements (hint this is an answer to one of the questions)

1. Your waist size can be an indicator of your overall health?

2.For most people, the key to losing inches is losing fat?

3.Extra inches around your waist are worse than inches around your hips?

4.Can you tone your waistline with abdominal exercise?

5. What is the maximum number of pounds you should lose a week?

6. Women have a harder time losing inches than men?

7. Are medical weight loss programs safe and in the best interest of your health?

8. Does Ideal Spine and Rehab have a Medical proven weight loss program?

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Neck and Back Pain Chiroprator Relief

Date: January 7, 2013 | Time: 4:22pm

Pain Relief with Dr. Pacelli, Chiropractor

When you visit Ideal Spine and Rehab, you'll first have a complete spine evaluation. Dr. Pacelli will examine your neck, back and spine and assess how well you can move. You will be asked about symptoms such as pain in the neck or between the shoulder blades, pain that radiates down the arm to the hand or fingers, or numbness or tingling in the shoulder or arm. The exam will also check your strength and reflexes.

There are several red flags that Dr. Pacelli will look for when evaluating back pain. These warning signs will enable the Dr. is to detect fractures, tumors, or infections of the spine. If you have any of these red flags, the doctor can then prescribe the proper medical or adjustment procedure and treatment plan that will elevate your pain.

Rehabilitation with a Physical Therapist

During physical therapy, you will practice a range of exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support your neck and lower back. There are several types of stretching and exercises the physical therapist or rehabilitation coach will use to relieve stiffness, strengthen the area, and restore normal function of the neck. Treatments such as cold or heat application, deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound may be used prior to or post exercise.You'll also learn how to improve your posture and range of motion. To help you learn proper rehabilitation techniques, the physical therapist might have you stand in front of a mirror while exercising so that you can see the correct posture and movements required to gain maximum benefit. As with a physical therapist or a rehabilitation coach they will coach you in various movements to reduce stiffness, improve mobility, and increase range of motion.

Meeting with Dr. Pacelli and his medical and rehabilitation team on a routine basis will improve your spinal care and improve your overall wellness.

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Health & Wellness Workshops

Date: December 3, 2012 | Time: 10:54am

Do you or someone you know suffer from back and neck pain, stress, headaches, disc problems, sciatica, joint, ankle, knee, shoulder or hip pain?

Are you a: HR Director or Manager, Branch Manager, Wellness Coordinator? Or are you a member of the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, School Administrator, Teacher, Athletic Director, or Coach? This is for you!

Would you like to have or offer the experience and benefits of wellness through Chiropractic care? NOW you can! Schedule a health workshop with Dr. Pacelli, DC, Clinic Director at Ideal Spine and Rehab.

Experience the benefits of wellness through Chiropractic, you NOW have the opportunity to schedule you own personal health workshop. Contact us at 714 771 5363 to schedule your workshop.

We at Ideal Spine and Rehab will be honored to educate you and your co-workers, family and friends. Our most popular health workshops are: Women's Health, Sport Injuries, Headaches, Stress Relief, Nutrition/ Medical Weight Loss and Healthy Living in the fast Southern California lifestyle.

Call today and schedule your Wellness Health Workshop.

714 771 5363

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